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Balle di fieno in campo di grano nel polesine

The history of the mill is inextricably linked with its local area.

A history of planting seeds and harvesting crops rooted in the flour milling tradition of the Polesine area, the fertile land crossed by Italy’s two main rivers: the Po and the Adige. The company has worked directly with selected farmers for many years to manage most of its wheat purchases through growing agreements. This option makes it possible:

  • to ensure environment-friendly planting growing and harvesting methods
  • careful selection of grains for producing better flour.

Every raw material processing stage requires strict analysis to ensure maximum quality and reliability, to produce flours with a unique taste every day.

The continuity of a vocation

The continuous search for quality and experience helped expand a small business into a modern industrial company with increasingly extensive and qualified operations, that culminated with the launch of the new production plant in Arcole, near Verona.

Flexibility and innovation mean that Macinazione Lendinara can offer customers the flours they are looking for, as well as ensuring fast delivery times thanks to automatic packaging of bags on pallets.

Our flour mill meets demand from a large and varied clientele, including industry, wholesalers and craftsmen bakers.

The specific character of our mill focuses on different markets: a large fleet of company owned vehicles serves the traditional outlet market comprising small bakeries, pastry bakeries and pizzerias.

Thanks to its special technology and geographical location, Macinazione Lendinara has business relations with the leading industrial confectionery groups in Northern Italy; it is also able to provide more advanced clients – thanks to a large number of finished product cells and extraordinary storage capacity – with a “maturation” service in dedicated silos in order to refine flour to perfection.

This is an important service for festive/special occasion products, which  require significant intrinsic quality and yield stability in the production stage. Automatic packaging of bags on pallets also means we can supply wholesalers in central and southern areas of Italy.

Quality system

Quality control is a corporate priority. The quality system is integrated with a protocol embracing all stages in the production process. Constant physical and microbiological analysis of samples of flour and cereals ensures compliance with stringent quality and hygienic standards. The factory holds Organic and Kosher certifications and is in the process of obtaining FSSC22000 (ISO 22000 and PAS 220:2008) certification.


Anima di Pizza

The Soul of Pizza In our in-house laboratory, a team of technicians and specialists conducts experiments with various cereals and tests new flour recipes. Anima di Pizza is the new line of professional pizza flours intended for an international clientele with a keen eye on quality, food safety and the undisputed value of  “Made in Italy”.