Our tradizional flour types

For a classic, fragrant pizza rich in aromas

genuine, soft, pliable and “with a rim” in accordance with Neapolitan tradition.

For a thin, crisp pizza in the Roman tradition

Soft wheat flour and Semolina blended for a golden, rustic, savory pizza

For lovers of delicate pizza, light and soft

Our organic flour types

Soft wheat flour #0

It is less refined than “00”, therefore richer in fiber and minerals. Suitable for
both professional and household use. It can be used to make bread, pizza and
focaccia that does not require particularly long preparation or leavening.

Soft whole wheat flour

It is rich in wheat bran, therefore more nourishing with minerals, fiber and
vitamins; suitable for making whole wheat bread or fresh pasta

Soft wheat flour #00

It enables the preparation of doughs with good elasticity and medium-low
firmness. It is usually used in the preparation of bread and leavened products
such as sweets (cakes, biscuits, brioches) or pizzas, but also fresh pasta and
egg pasta.

Manitoba flour

Obtained by grinding the Manitoba grain for a stronger and more elastic dough.
Particularly recommended for superior leavened dough and pizza.

Spelt flour #0

Suitable for bread production, crackers, rusks, grissini, flat bread, tigelle, baked
pastry, pizza.

Whole wheat spelt flour

Rich in mineral salts, fibers, and vitamins, suitable for all uses in baking and
patisserie. It confers a decisive, inviting taste to products.

Khorasan and Kamut grain flour

Made with grains with a high nutritional value, rich in proteins and mineral salts,
especially selenium, zinc and magnesium. This type of flour is specific for oven
products: fresh and frozen breads, pizza, grissini, rusks (toasted bread),
crackers, piadine. Savory and sweet pasty, fresh and frozen. Pasta, cookies

Whole wheat flour of Khorasan Kamut grains

Highly digestible and suitable for all types of sweet or savory products.
Kamut flour has more calories, proteins, mineral salts, selenium and vitamins than traditional flours.

Our gluten-free flour

The Gluten free preparated Anima di Pizza is suitable for the preparation of baked goods without gluten.

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